April 2016

13th journey to Justicia – April 2016

We started at Happy Homes pre-school to greet them all.

p1040293  p1040298p1040296  p1040309

The church started the construction of a new building some years ago. NOSA have donated bricks and sement to finish the walls, but it will still take a long time before the building is completed.

p1040324 p1040328 p1040432 p1040431

It is always a pleasure to be back at the NOSA sewing project and meet the 5 sewers.

p1020683 p1020684 p1020347     p1020346

Now they will also start to make “attire” traditional clothes in addition to the school uniforms, bed spreads and the decorative pillows they have produced until now.

p1040373  p1040375

We went to Hazyview to buy more fabrics.

p1040419 p1040418 p1040417

At Mketse primary school the three new classrooms were completed.

Old classrooms


New classrooms


The official opening became a big party with speaks, song and dance.

p1020003 p1020004 p1020044p1020045 p1020103 p1020144

At the clinic we donated baby clothes brought from Norway.

p1020605  p1020615 p1020624 p1020627

In NOSA’s classroom at the sewing project we donated school uniforms to small poor children from the two pre-schools, and this time the uniforms were made by NOSA!

p1020657 p1020672

Many people are involved with NOSA now, here is THE NOSA TEAM!


p1040447    p1040449 p1040451    p1040453

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