March 2017

Our 15ht visit to Justicia. This time we first went to Mkhuhlu to check prices for construction products, as we are going to  expand the NOSA sewing factory.


It’s always nice to visit Happy Homes primary school
2a 2b

The sewers are busy making clothes, bed spreads, pillows and curtains.
3a 3b 3c 3d

Inside this «building» some goats can hide from the sun.4

Håkon explains how the sewing hall will be expanded.
5a 5b

We donated baby clothes to the clinic as usual, and this time they showed us the terrible conditions of their toilets.
6a 6b 6c

This little girl is Welding’s daughter, who was born two days before we arrived, and they named her Menne Succeed Mhlongo.

In this house Deborah lives together with her mother and her two younger sisters. There’s no windows, and when it rains the water flows through the roof.
8a 8b 8c

Deborah’s brother has build his own room.

9a 9b

The NOSA sewing team

Joshua has just started to work in the sewing project.

It was a great experience for the NOSA children who came with us to visit Ulusaba safari lodge.12a 12b

Håkon and our gardener Terra.
13a 13b

The NOSA team

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