February 2018

Even though it has not been that long since our last visit to Justicia, we’re back, and joined by the whole family, to show them all that NOSA do, and have accomplished so far. Axel, Lucie, Oscar and Martin came along to Justicia and visited Happy Homes pre-school.  
It was just as exiticing for our little children as for the kids of Happy homes.
More singing
The pre-school received two swingsets from its Norwegian guests, and they were ceremoniously opened to the enjoyment of everyone.
The NOSA sewing project makes great progress, and sell cushions, bedspreads and clothes on the market in Justicia.

We visited both the schools, but the temperature was nearly 39 degrees celcius in the shade, so we could not stay too long.
 Oscar and Axel have a sponsored child named Scelo, who’s 4 years old. Now they would all finally meet – Scelo was probably just as exited as the two other boys.
Scelo also got his first school uniform, which the sewing project had sewn for him.

All made friends with Welding!

Joseph proudly shows off the new church that NOSA has built.
It’s tiring with so many new impressions all at once.

The last day we were visited by Deborah and her brother Mishack, who graduated High School last december. Deborah attends cooking school, and dreams about becoming a chef in one of the lodges of the Krüger park, and Mishack attends school to become a tracker, a dream he’s had since he was little. They are two incredible sweet, skilled and positive teenagers, that we have great faith in.

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