October 2018

This was our 19th trip to Justicia, but this time we first travelled til Pretoria to visit Deborah. She is currently attending her first year (of three in total) at Capsicum Culinary studio – a school we were really impressed by. She lives in Glenpark, where she shares an apartment with two other students.

Deborah’s brother Mishack is going to be a tracker/guide and lives in Mkhuhlu. He got to join Welding on the bus to Pretoria to meet us, and visit his sister. It was his first time visiting a large city, staying at a hotel and his first time flying in an airplane. It was a big day for him, and it was also his birthday.

     The first thing on our agenda the following day, was a visit to the large vegetable garden. It is an area of 2,47 acres where a local group of people is chosen to grow their own vegetables. They are clearing the soil, we have drilled for water and the area will be fenced in. It is a big project that we have a lot of faith in, as well as the management, who is very serious about this project.


It’s always a joy to visit the schools, and Happy Homes pre-school in particular.

It’s important that all the children wash their hands before they eat – no longer just in a tub of water, but under running water. With a simple tap they’ve solved the problem. They also got a store room where they can get toys when needed.


Meketse primary school is continuously gaining students, and is struggling with having enough space for all of them, like all the other schools. The library we build 6 years ago is very well taken care of, and diligently used.


Babati primary school is also doing great progress, and the principal is doing everything she can to make the school even better.


Madlala high school has also got a new principal who takes his job very seriously.

Justicia Digital Learning Campus offers 1 year courses to students who have finished High school. Andy comes here to learn more, and the children who are in the final year of pre-school come here once a week to “play” with the iPad.

Saturday 13th of October was the official opening of the church that NOSA has been building.


Everyone had dressed up, and there were prominent guests from the department of education, police and other significant positions.


It was an incredibly decorated church!


5 ½ hours of speeches, singing and entertainment – an amazing experience.


Pastor Joseph Mvebana and his wife Margareth had their own seats.

Afterwards they served food, including a cow they had butchered in our honour. It was an incredible day.


We had brought with us 60 kg of children’s clothes, which were handed out in church, to many happy children and mothers.


And we brought a gift for little Scelo from Oscar and Axel.

The sewing project continue to make great progress, and even though the “boss” was fired, the work carries on. We hired a new lady, and are looking for a person who can continue the training further.    

Welding, little Menne and Menne


And that marks the end of this visit, but we are looking forward to the next one.