April 2019

Incredible, but true – this is our 20th visit to our NOSA project!
We began in the NOSA community vegetable garden, where around 20 volunteers from Justicia, since october 2017, have cultivated the five acres by hand. It is soon ready for the planting of the first vegetables. NOSA has drilled for water, built a fence around the area and built toilets and tool sheds. The Department of Agriculture guides the volunteers in all matters.

During the break everyone just sit and rest, nobody have brought anything to eat.

The sewing project keeps making progress, and more and more locals stop by, and can order clothes tailored to them.   

As always; in the church Joseph and Margareth serve a meal for the orphaned children five times a week. This particular day cabbage was on the menu.

Happy Homes pre-school has, as all other schools in the area, been built on the donations from lodges in the area, and tourists. 22o students attend this school.

There is a meal served every day at 9:30, and everyone has to wash their hands before eating.

Meketse primary school. The school takes good care of the library and the classrooms that NOSA built a couple of years ago. 

But some of the old classrooms are in a pitiful state. Certain classes consist of up to 50 students at the same time, many of them have to share a chair, and there are big holes in the floors. The roofing sheets are so old they may blow of if the weather turns bad. The schools continously applies for economic support from the government, but to no avail.

Babati primary school which was completely renovated by NOSA in 2015 is luckily well looked after.

The school kitchen is not quite up to our standard.

Very few of the children get any food before they go to school, which is the reason they get the meal at 09:30.

Madlala High school also serves food like the other schools – weekly menus established by the government.

This food, which consists of rice and sauce, is to be shared by a class with 50 students. Not a lot for each of them, unfortunately.

This is Read, a 13 year old boy who has written a letter to NOSA asking for help, as he comes from a very poor family. It is not common that the children take this kind of initative on their own.

The Department of Agriculture came to greet us, and to give further advice on the progress.

The roots are pulled up by hand, and the mothers often have their small children on their backs while they work.

The Headman of Justicia is a member of the Board of the vegetable garden, alongside Joseph, the priest.  He got a bottle of beer from us, and his first radio. We brought several FM Tivoli radios with us on this visit.

It is always a huge joy handing out childrens clothes.

The seing project, and a few examples of the items they produce:

And that marks the end of our 20th visit. 

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