October 2019

This is our 21st visit to Justicia, and things are progressing slow and steady. The NOSA vegetable community garden is coming along nicely, and almost all of it is planted.

At Happy Homes they greatly appreciate the trampoline and the other new toys from NOSA.

We were pleasently surprised by the increased focus on littering, and how the schools try to teach the children to use the new trashcans.
The library at Mketse is as popular as before, and the books are taken good care of.

The employes of the sewing lounge are continuing to make progress, and adding new elements to their repertoire.

They also make padded bedspreads with decorative pillows, and covers for couches and chairs, which are very popular among the locals.

A local hairdresser.

We travelled to Hazyview to buy fabrics for the sewing lounge.

We also needed a new pump, garden hoses and fertilizer for the vegetable garden

All the childrens clothes that we brought with us, were sorted by age/size.

We handed out the clothes in the church, first to the small children who could walk for themselves. They came in one door, and exited another to prevent chaos.

The youngest children and babies came second.

It is not just the mothers who carry their babies on their backs.

And now we’ll be growing potatoes too.

Mishack got two days off from Sabi Sabi lodge where he currently has his work experience period. He will be graduating from Eco Training in December, as a Professional Field Guide. We are very proud of him!

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