About NOSA

In October 2009 Haakon and I travelled to South Africa for the first time, when we left Norway we did not have the faintest idea that this beautiful country was to become more than just another holiday destination. We were impressed by this beautiful country but were sad to see so much poverty!
While on safari in the Krüger Park, an amazing experience, we went on a tour of the local community, Justicia.
The aim of the tour was to show us how the locals live and visit some schools.

It was here the NOSA (Norway/South Africa) idea came about;
we want to help some of the local orphans to get through school, so hopefully they can get an education and a good job later in life.

As Nelson Mandela once said: Education is the only weapon to a better world.

Lyrics by Welding and the NOSA children
Music by Christian Stahr  www.stahrmusic.com
Vocals by Kim W. Johansen, Hilde Skappel and Andre Søfteland

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