February 2023

During the winter break we all travelled to South Africa – it’s been five years since our last trip with the whole family. We were exited to see the changes since our last visit in october last year.

We did three trips to Justicia. After 5 years were we back at Happy Homes pre-school.

A lot of fun playing with the other children!

After visiting all the classes, we went outside to play.

Taking turns throwing the ball into the cardboard box.

Weldings’s children (Precice, Nyeleti and little Menne) danced for us.

The NOSA vegetable garden is working well now that they have solar panels. Even with the load shedding (the authorities turns the electricity off several hours every day), the solar panels provide power to the waterpumps pumping water from the borehole to the watertank, and to the electric watering system.

Andy and Nadine became very good friends.

At Babati Primary School we met with Principal Eunice, and everything was all good.

Outside Joseph’s church there was a huge surprise: Melanie and Welding had organized the installition of a huge swingset with 4 swings. It was a gift to NOSA from all of my friends who celebrated my birthday in February. Nadine and I cut the ribbon, and the swingset was solemnly handed over to the church.

The orphaned children who comes here five days a week, can now enjoy the swings – the only play equipment around.

Another surprise was to new trees: Joseph and I planted a mango tree – Menne’s tree – and another one – Joseph and Menne’s tree – since he found out our birthdays are one the same day.

The next day we were back in the church. Axel, Lucie, Oscar, Martin and Nadine had brought a lot of their stuffed animals from Norway, to give to the children. They’d also brought a bunch of caps. There were a lot of happy children.

Everyone was sad when it was time to leave Andy.

It was a short visit to Justicia this time around, because of the celebration of my birthday with my family in Africa. But it was very nice to meet Welding again.