April 2013

The staff (teachers) at Happy Homes pre-school get their longed for “uniforms”.

We get to meet the 10 children that have borrowed the most books from the library,
we were very pleased to find Tresie, one of the NOSA children, among them.

We are going to renovate the Babati Primary School, which is in a very poor state.

We have finally found the ground where we can build the sewing site, now we have
some planning to do before we can start building.

Mandlala High School, where both Andy and Zandile attend, has received their 40 calculators.

We visit all the NOSA children at their homes to speak with their guardians about how they are doing.

Andy’s grandfather has recently passed away so his aunt has moved in to look after him. He was very proud of his new room.

We are planning a new party for the children outside the church on Sunday and we drove to Mkhuholu with Welding to do some shopping.

As a surprise to us the children had learned the NOSA song. They had also practiced dancing
and made their own version.

We have a new NOSA child, and he is 12 years old and his name is Malebo. He is a smart boy
who is already in his first year at Mandlala High School. As a contrast to the other NOSA children he is not an orphan. We met him last time we visited the library, he is a very clever boy who enjoys school and learning. We think he has great potential, our hope is that by helping him with some school essentials etc he will be motivated to continue studying and we think he can reach far in life! He will also help the younger NOSA children with their homework.

Every day more than a 100 orphans come to Margareth and Josephs at the church and get a warm meal. We have decided to donate the money received as gifts from friends back in Norway towards a new kitchen at the church.
For every time we visit Justicia it becomes more fun!
We are becoming closer and closer to the staff at the various schools and the guardians.
We would like to see even more progress in the schoolwork
but the children are more trusting and seem excited to see us again, which is very inspiring.

Welding is now known as “the NOSA man”, he is doing a fantastic job and we really enjoy having him as part of the NOSA-team!

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