October 2013

We have been to Justicia for the 8th time and started by visiting the schools.
Our first stop was Happy Home pre-school where we got to see the new fence they have protecting their vegetable garden.

At the Mketse primary school we met the 10 students that have read the most books since our last visit.

And at the Babati primary school we joined both an English and Mathematics lesson.

The renovating of the Babati primary school is slowly coming along.

We met with the 10 children at the Ntshuxekani pre-school that have received new school uniforms.

We took possession of the piece of land we bought from Daniel to build a sewing project and have already met with three different entrepreneurs.

We also met with Yvonne, the girl who is going to help us with starting the sewing project.

Friday was the day that everyone received their pension, there was a market in town, and it was all very lively.

This time we also visited the clinic and for the first time we had brought lots of baby clothing given by friends in Norway, something we will definitely do again.

The kitchen we have built for the church was officially opened.

The NOSA children entertained us with singing and dancing.

As a reward Tresie, Onica and Malebo came shopping with us in Mkhuhlu. We bought all the food for the party on Sunday and some new clothes as they all had good results last semester.

We visited both Pardon and Andy’s homes.

As always the party at the church was a great success and Margareth was proud to be preparing the food in the new kitchen.

It was a good trip!

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