March 2014

We are back in Justicia for the 9th time, and it is fun to see that the work we do is much appreciated.

Everyone knows what NOSA is doing and everybody knows Welding. He is in daily contact
with the NOSA children, helps them with their schoolwork and makes sure they have the food and clothes they need.

Some of the children are doing good progress in school, we encourage them to read as much as possible.

Unfortunately we have stopped helping two of the children, Nomvula and Reply, as they do not attend school and skip all their homework.

The main project at the moment is the sewing project.

We started by putting up a fence and drilled for water. They have started building and we hope it will be finished next time we visit Justicia. The plan is to teach 5 local ladies to sew school uniforms among other things. Yvonne, who runs her own sewing workshop in a nearby town, will be teaching them, this should take approximately 6 months. There will also be a room where the NOSA children can come to learn computering and watch educational DVDs.
In the garden they will be growing vegetables. We have great expectations to this project.

After almost 5 years we are getting to know the children and their guardians very well.

The principals and teachers at Justicias 5 schools are thankful for the help they are getting, but the needs are still many.

We will continue to bring secondhand babyclothing to distribute at the clinic.

Little Scelo, now 8 months, and his mother came back for the second time to receive some clothing. We want to follow him closer in the future.

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