October 2014

We have been coming to Justicia twice a year for 5 years.
This time we started by visiting the Mketse primary school where we as usually met with the teachers and the ten children that have read the most library books since our last visit.

Thereafter we went to the Babati primary school and the Ntshuxekani pre-school where we amongst others met the ten children that had received new school uniforms from NOSA.

These children are not NOSA children, but amongst the poorest in the community and their parents cannot prioritize school uniforms.

The highlight of this trip was seeing the sewing project which is now finished and they are ready to start producing school uniforms, clothes, bedspreads and curtains. The sewing project is located in the middle of the village, just opposite the clinic where we give baby clothing.

The first floor of the building consists of the sewing room, an office, some storage rooms and a classroom for the NOSA children. The second floor is a flat where Yvonne can live the 6 months she will be staying in Justicia to teach sewing and hopefully get the sewing project up and running.

The following day we went to Mkhuhlu to buy groceries for Yvonne, the opening of the sewing project and our party for the NOSA families outside the church. We also bought some furniture for the flat.

Andy and Beleza came with us a reward for making an effort in school the last semester.

Saturday we opened the sewing project with representatives from all the Justicia schools, the community, the employees at the sewing project and «the Headman of Justicia» was among the guests.

Later that day we had our NOSA party with the children and their guardians outside the church.

The next day we were invited to «the Headman’s» home and we visited Andy’s home.

Nomasonto, our new «NOSA child» is 13 years old and very a very good student. She came with Malebo and us to one of the neighbor villages to see some «traditional dance» on Sunday. This was a very special experience.

Monday 20th of October was the first day at the sewing project. At 8 o’clock in the morning all contracts were signed and Yvonne started her teaching. This was a big moment for us all.

Later that day we visited Happy Home pre-school and the clinic where we gave away
the children clothing we had brought from home.

We visited the sewing project one last time and they were already working hard.

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