April 2015

We have just been in Justicia for the 11th time, and as usual we had many places to visit. We started at Happy Homes pre-school where the number of children keeps increasing.

Their vegetable garden is better than ever because of the new shelter. dsc_1534

Then we went to Ntshuxekani pre-school.
dsc_1555 dsc_1545dsc_1557 dsc_1563

All the NOSA children were gathered in the “sewing project” building to celebrate Håkon and Lindiwe’s  birthdays. The room was nicely decorated in the African way, and so were Håkon and Lindiwe.

dsc_1571 dsc_1572 dsc_1579 dsc_1576 dsc_1580 dsc_1581 dsc_1594dsc_1585

Six months training has come to an end. Yvonne will continue to run the project and 5 ladies and one man are employed.
dsc_1880dsc_1881 dsc_1882 dsc_1883 dsc_1884 dsc_1885 dsc_1886dsc_1887At the moment they are producing bedspreads, school-uniforms and skirts.
dsc_1567 dsc_1690 dsc_1715 dsc_1880

For the first time NOSA has produced the uniforms donated to some of the children at the two pre-schools in Justicia.
dsc_1620 dsc_1628

Thanks to everybody who have donated baby and toddler clothing to NOSA, we distributed almost a hundred kilos of clothes at the clinic.
dsc_1665 dsc_1666 dsc_1668 dsc_1672 dsc_1664 dsc_1686 dsc_1688

We went to Mkhuhlu to buy clothes and food.
dsc_1765dsc_1761  dsc_1766

We visited Sunny Boy
dsc_1807 dsc_1809

and Andy in their homes.
dsc_1810 dsc_1814

The last day we arranged a soccer game between the NOSA children and the Maranatha church.
dsc_1815 dsc_1817 dsc_1819

And for the first time all NOSA children and relatives were gathered at the Project instead of the church for goodbye party.
dsc_1889 dsc_1902 dsc_1906

It is always sad to leave, but we are already looking forward to our next visit.

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