October 2015

Time flies and this was our 12th visit to Justicia. We always visit all the 5 schools, and this time we started at Happy Home pre-school where we received a very warm welcome.
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We have expanded the school’s vegetable garden, which they are very proud of.
p1000099 p1000098

Teachers and students at Madlala high-school really appreciate that we have drilled for water, and since the school received the science kit a year ago, the exam results have greatly improved.

They have completed renovating  the entire Babati primary school.
The official opening is to take place the following day, but the preparations have already started. They have sacrificed a cow to honor us.
p1000128 p1000130 p1000137

Andy’s aunt and caretaker is very proud of her new room. She has got a bed for the first time in her life.
p1000169 p1000170

We also get a very warm welcome at the Maranatha church.

We have decided to build three new class rooms next to the NOSA library at the Mketse primary school.
p1000257 p1000260

At the clinic the mothers are queuing to get children clothing that we have been donated by friends and family in Norway.
p1000278 p1000290 p1000307p1000322 p1000328

The NOSA sewing project is making great progress. Both the committee and the sewers are doing a fantastic job.
p1000270 p1000341p1010282 p1010283 p1010284

The next day there a was big party to celebrate the renovation of the 15 class rooms, and we got dressed up!
p1010369 p1010379 p1010382 p1010391 p1010400 p1010406 p1010410 p1010415 p1010418

We had the usual NOSA party at the sewing project, where the NOSA children entertained us and their guardians and we all had a lovely meal.p1000192 p1000204 p1000190

We are all looking forward to our next visit!

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