The major projects

The major projects in Justicia so far:

March 2011
Furnished the kitchen’s to the pre-schools and drilled for water

afrika 2011 050 afrika 2011 025

October 2011
Swings and sun protection for the the pre-school

img_0075 img_0083

April 2012
Library for Mketse school and uniforms for the teachers at the pre-school

img_0650 dsc_0144

October 2012
2 new class rooms  equipped with desks and books for Babati

img_1122 dsc_0087


April 2013
Uniforms for the teachers at Happy Homes


October 2013
New vegetable garden at Happy Homes and we bought a piece of land for building the sewing project on

dsc_0163 dsc_0084

October 2014
The sewing project is completed


April 2015
Science kit for the High school


October 2015
Beauty got her new house and the renovation at Babati  is completed.

p1000168 p1000266

November 2016
New building to the Maranatha Bible Church in Justicia.

img_4213 img_4214img_4215

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